Features of SORITEC for Windows

The new SORITEC for Windows combines the ease of use of the Windows interface with the power
and flexibility of the SORITEC fourth-generation programming language (4GL).

SORITEC Command Window
SORITEC Command window


Spreadsheet Data Tool

Visual data entry, editing, and exchange

SORITEC for Windows is a full-featured package for econometric analysis and forecasting, with capabilities for

Statistical analysis

Linear and non-linear regression modeling

Simultaneous equation model estimation and simulation

Time series estimation and forecasting

Programming for econometric solutions

Automated program-building from interactive sessions

Automated forecasting

User-defined command set extension

Databanking with automated retrieval

Visual data entry, editing, and exchange with spreadsheet programs

Presentation-quality graphics for analysis and display

Report writing

Programming using matrix algebra

Transcendental functions and equation-based data transformations

On-line context-sensitive help

New Features in This Release

Post-Regression Graphics

Post-Regression Graphics

Product Availability


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