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These files contain procedures or macros for SORITEC. Full Information Software, Inc. does not warrant them in any way, including fitness for any specific purpose. To download them to your system, just click on the indicated link. These are all self-extracting .zip files. After you've downloaded them, copy them to the same directory as your SORITEC executable file and unzip them there. The download files contain a .txt file with a brief description of the routine(s) and how to call it/them. To load the routines into SORITEC,

  1. Start SORITEC

  2. Open the Proc Editor (select the File | Procedure Editor option, or click on the toolbar button

  3. Open the script file (it will have a .sac extension)

  4. Review the code and make sure it's what you want

  5. Execute the file

  6. If you want, you can save the procedures or macros as named items on a databank, and simply invoke them by name anytime the databank is connected

  7. Execute the procedures or macros as desired, by invoking them as if they were compiled SORITEC commands

Available Routines

File melement.exe Procedure to change the numeric value of an arbitrarily selected single element in a matrix or vector
File rrr.exe Procedure to estimate recursive residuals for a linear model
File mlogit.exe Procedure to estimate multinomial logit problem; the file contains the mblock routine as a utilty
File mblock.exe Procedure to substitute a matrix for a block within another matrix, where the matrices are conformal

Additional Routines

We're just getting started with this feature; "watch this page," as they say, for additions. Coming soon: Newey-West and White's statistics, cointegration tests, and additional matrix tools. And if you have something you want to contribute, send it to

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