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SORITEC is available in four versions, to meet the needs of analysts working under different circumstances and on different problem types.  All versions of SORITEC can interchange data seamlessly, all versions use the same command set, and a SORITEC 4GL program written for one version will execute on the other versions.1 

SORITEC Features:
  • Databanking
  • Complete programming language
  • A full set of descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Linear and nonlinear least squares
  • Specialized linear models:  RLS, Mixed estimation, Almon and Shiller lags, Variable parameters, and Ridge regression
  • Probit, Logit, and discriminant analysis
  • Forecast automation
  • Trend and smoothing models
  • Deseasonalization and decomposition, including X-11
  • Report writer
  • Data handling and processing
  • Full set of linear algebra routines
  • Economic and business computations (IRR, PV, Amortization, etc.)
  • Correction for common statistical problems in models, including serial correlation in most linear models
  • Principal components
  • Multi-equation estimation:  3SLS, FIML, and Seemingly Unrelated Regressions
  • Multi-equation simulation
  • ARIMA and transfer function models


SORITEC for DOS is a command-line text-based program .  It requires DOS 3.3 or later, but DOS 6.0 or later will generally provide a smoother and more convenient operating environment for users running Windows 3.x. $495 U.S.

SORITEC for Windows 3.1

SORITEC for Windows 3.1 takes advantage of the standard Windows graphical interface.  Most people accustomed to Windows programs will find the menued interface familiar, even if they have never used SORITEC before. $295 U.S.

SORITEC for Windows 95 / Windows NT

Provides the powerful features of SORITEC with the convenience of the new windows interface.  With 32-bit coding, this product takes advantage of the advanced features of Windows 95 and Windows NT. $295 U.S.

SORITEC for Windows 95 / Windows NT (Console version)

Graphical interfaces like the Windows operating systems are oriented toward interactive work.  The console version is designed to support batch operations in the Windows 95 or Windows NT operating systems. $295 U.S.

Student Version

The student version has the same features as the Windows 3.1  or Windows 95 / NT products, except for workspace size.  It is ideal for teaching environments, and can also be used by prospective users to evaluate the package.   Printed documentation is sold separately. $10 U.S.

All prices are for single-machine installations; contact us for network pricing.  The console and windowed versions for Windows 95 / NT are available together for a combined price of $495.  

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1 Only the DOS and Console versions can read and write formatted data;  SORITEC for Windows 3.1 does not include the X-11 deseasonalization capability;  the Windows 95 / NT console version does not have a graphics capability.