Release Plans

We plan to make new releases to SORITEC on (roughly) an annual basis. We have already made several cosmetic and program control improvements in our development suite, notably with the graphics facilities, the spreadsheet tool, and are looking at the following algorithmic enhancements:

Naturally, we are interested in what users want to see -- if you'd like to make a suggestion (request?), let us know by email: We will also need beta test sites soon -- if you're interested, please follow the e-mail link above to let us know.

We also have an econometric add-in for Excel spreadsheets in development. At this point, it is very nearly fully functional, in the sense that most of SORITEC's facilities can be exercised from Excel, but the interface needs a lot of work. We expect to need beta users for this product in about four to six months. If you're interested in this, please contact us at the above e-mail link.

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