Extending and Customizing SORITEC

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There are two ways to extend SORITEC's basic capabilities:  with routines written in the 4GL programming language, or with extensions that are linked into SORITEC itself. Do you have a program that does some important task but is hard to use because it doesn't have all the housekeeping capabilities that go with mature programs?  Have you written a program to solve an important problem, but don't want to take on a life's work in building the supporting routines that make it widely useful? SORITEC's design allows direct extension of both the command set and the graphical interface to integrate new algorithms with the existing full set of utilities, data and file handlers, and supplementary statistical and modeling tools.

4GL Programming Scripts

The SORITEC econometric programming language allows you to create extensions to the command set that behave syntactically exactly like native commands. SORITEC has a complete set of both scalar and matrix commands and functions, so that any user can produce (and distribute) procedures or macros that add capabilities to the package.

Click here to download from a small library of 4GL programs that extend SORITEC's native capabilities.

Program Extensions

SORITEC's modular design allows us to quickly and inexpensively incorporate your solutions into the package, either for custom use or for the market.  Contact us to discuss a software development partnership, either for a user-friendly specialized application or to make your programs available to the world.

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