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SORITEC: the power tool for econometric and statistical analysis

 Powerful and flexible enough to meet the most sophisticated demands

Transparently useable -- keeps your focus on the analysis

Wizard  ....It should work like magic,

...even for a neophyte.   Minor Magic

About our products and company...
Software Products Describes SORITEC, a complete econometric and statistical package for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95 / NT.
Product Support Describes our basic and extended support policies, with a link for on-line product updates. Last update: 31 Jan 1998.
Extensions Shows the flexibility and extensibility of SORITEC to build specialized applications by seamless incorporation of SORITEC fourth-generation language (4GL) routines or algorithmic libraries.
SORITEC 4GL Programs SORITEC script-language files:  routines to expand the capabilities of the basic package.
Release Plans Our plans to extend SORITEC and a forum for your feedback. Current items: release 1.1 and an econometric add-in for Excel spreadsheets.
About Us A biographical sketch of the people who put SORITEC together.